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No matter your skill level, you can improve it with these exercises!

About the Programming Exercises

I don't know if you've seen it, but here in Vizzcode's documentation there is an awesome Programming Exercises Hub.
It contains intricate real-world exercises for every skill level, meant to complement the other learning material such as guides and tutorials.
They not only present some problem to be solved, but all of the exercises also contain hints to help you along the way. They start off as broad tips and narrow down as you need more help on each exercise, showing examples and code. The hints are also great to get to know more about the elements involved in the exercise, even if you managed to solve it yourself.
These exercises are great to learn tips and tricks about real-world problem solving using programming and of course, improving your programming skills!

The Programming Exercises tutorials are a series of tutorials, split up based on the programming feature and skill level required to solve them. They are based on the Programming Exercises Hub, so if you are in the documentation, you can head on over there, if you are inside Vizzcode you can access them directly in the platform, just by selecting them in the Welcome Screen.

So download Vizzcode and follow the embedded exercises or follow them in the Hub.
In either case, we'll be there to help you! :)