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Install and open Vizzcode for the first time,
learn about its interface and basic functionalities

Downloading Vizzcode

For some unknown reason, most programming tools are hard to download and install, involving command line interfaces, several different programs and weird error messages. We wanted to make it as simple as possible to get right to the good stuff (programming!), so to download Vizzcode, all you need to do is Register and click the big Download button.

Installing Vizzcode

Likewise, just double click the downloaded file.
If Windows pops up a security warning, just click More Info and Run Anyway.

How to run the executable on Windows

From there, you can change the install location and choose to create a desktop shortcut and click Install.
Yes, it installs pretty quickly :)

The Welcome Screen

After logging in Vizzcode, you will find the Welcome Screen.
There, you can access the Tutorials or create and open Projects.
The tutorials provide step-by-step explanations, as well as exercises - all inside Vizzcode!
If you already know how to program and want a quick overview of Vizzcode, you can check out the Quick Start Guide. Just click on the tutorial icon in the Welcome Screen to get started!
If want to learn programming from the ground up, the Introduction to Programming is for you. You can follow the tutorial on your own pace: either skipping or repeating its parts.
To consolidade what you are are learning, you can check out the Programming Exercises tutorials, full of hints and cool tips.
Then, when you feel like you are up to the challenge, you can follow the Programming Games tutorials, where your skills will be taken to the limit to make interactive worlds come alive by programming several video games.

Creating Projects

To start programming, you will need to create a project.
Whether you want to follow an embedded tutorial or start on your own program, you will be directed to the New Project screen. To create a project, it's as easy as typing a name (and if you want, changing the location).

How to create a project

Inside the selected folder, Vizzcode will create two files: a .vzcp file and a .vizz file. You can double click the .vzcp file to open Vizzcode and load the project directly.

What the Project folder look like

As you develop the project, there will also be a .exe file in the project folder. This is the file of your finished program that you can share and publish! Note that this file is only generated in the Premium version of Vizzcode.
You can learn more about distributing your programs here.

Using Vizzcode

This is Vizzcode's main screen, where you can create your own programs!

Vizzcode's Main Screen

If you created an empty project or loaded one, you will only see the Visual Programming panel (1) and Text Programming panels (2); if you created a project from a tutorial, you will also see the Tutorial Panel (3).
The Visual and Text panels are where the action takes place: where you will type code or connect nodes to program the computer. You can play around with them: try clicking on the Text panel and typing something. It's just text!

How to type text code in Vizzcode

As you type in the Text panel, the Visual panel will be temporarily locked until the text you typed is validated as code. You can just delete the text for now.
To play around with the Visual panel, just drag off the little white circle in the Global Scope Start node. It will pop up a menu where you can choose which node to create. The menu will automatically filter nodes that you create based on where you dragged off from. You can deselect the Contextual Filter to show all the nodes available. Just select any node.

How to create nodes in Vizzcode

Just like when you typed text and locked the Visual panel, now the text panel was locked, waiting for valid nodes to be created. You can also use the right mouse button to navigate through the visual panel. In order to do so, you just have to hold the right mouse button and move the mouse as you like. The mouse's scroll button can be used to zoom in/out in the visual programming panel.

How to navegate in Vizzcode's viewport

That's the basics of it!
You now know how to navigate around Vizzcode, create projects, type text and create nodes - all you need to create
Your First Program!