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Learn all the steps to program: from the very beginning
all the way to creating complex programs!

About the Tutorials

Vizzcode has a very cool feature of embedded tutorials.
With them, you can learn without jumping back and forth between your code and another page; you can see everything at once and progress quickly, no matter your skill level.

With that in mind, we created several embedded tutorials for all skills levels:

Introduction to Programming

You can get started knowing absolutely nothing about programming in the complete this 9-part course called Introduction to Programming.

Quick Start

If you already know programming and want to jump right in Vizzcode in no time, the Quick Start tutorial is for you!

Programming Exercises

You need to practice a lot to improve your programming skills, and with that in mind, we created a series of Programming Exercises for all skill levels that you can access right inside Vizzcode.

Programming Games

If you want to take what you have learned to the next level by creating highly interactive, polished and fun games, you can access all the courses on game development in Vizzcode!

To get started with any of these tutorials, just download Vizzcode and select the desired tutorial from the Welcome Screen!

The next sections explain each tutorial individually and link you to the tutorial's help page: a companion page with several links and images to aid you in every step of each tutorial.

Introduction to Programming

The Introduction to Programming tutorials are a series of tutorials meant to take you from no programming knowledge to a proficient programmer - solving problems and using all the tools at your disposal to expressively code computer software!
These tutorials are inside of Vizzcode, which you can download here.

The course is divided in 9 complete tutorials, each with several different parts:

The first part of the Introduction to Programming Course will introduce you to the incredible world of programming. You will learn important concepts as well as develop your first computer program!

After that, in part 2 you will learn about making your programs interactive by reading data from the user. You will also learn about storing data in the computer using variables.

The tutorial part 3 will teach you how to operate data (with the arithmetic operators) as well as the other variable types you have at your disposal.

In part 4 you will learn about the other two operator types in Vizzcode: comparison (or relational) operators and boolean (or logic) operators. Everything you learned will then be applied by learning about if statements, one of the the most important tools in a programmer's belt.

Then, in part 5, you will add loops in your programming belt with the powerful while statement.
part 6 will build on the previous tutorial's features and introduce you to the break and the continue statements. They will give you more control on the execution flow of loops.

The part 7 of the tutorial series will teach about For loops they are an easy way to quickly repeat commands or iterate through parts of the code. Essential for more complex programs.

In part 8 you will read, store and operate on several pieces of data of the same kind. To easily achieve this, you will learn about the array data structure.

In the last tutorial (part 9) you will learn about procedures. They are a fundamental tool for organizing bigger programs and reutilising code.

As you go through all the tutorials in this course, you will develop strong problem-solving and logic-thinking skills. Those skills are extremely important, even if you are not interested in becoming a professional software developer.

The entire course (all 9 tutorials) is available right inside Vizzode, in the Welcome Screen. You can choose the Introduction to Programming Part 1 tutorial from there and create a project to follow it.

Quick Start

The Quick Start tutorial was specially created for people who are somewhat familiar with programming and want to get started in Vizzcode as soon as possible.
It's a complete tutorial divided in five different programs of increasing difficulty so you can get to know all the main features available in Vizzcode.
Here is the tutorial's companion guide.

Programming Exercises

The Programming Exercises are a series of tutorials created after the Programming Exercises documentation page.
The exercises are split up in topics, starting from very basic language features all the way to more intricate programs.
All of the exercises have hints to help you solve them. They start off as broad tips and narrow down as you need more help on each exercise, showing examples and the code. The hints are also great to get to know more about the elements involved in the exercise, even if you managed to solve it yourself.

Programming Games

Once you know the basic tools at your disposal when developing software, you can jump right in the Programming Games tutorials. In each tutorial you will take what you have learned and apply in different and surprising ways, all to create very interactive video games you can share with your friends and even publish to the world.

The tutorials are also structure in an increasingly difficulty curve. You should start in the first one, that introduces many important gamemaking concepts all the way to the last that improves on the previous games by showing advanced techniques to make your games look, sound and feel more professional!

In the Invaders: Basic tutorial you will create a simple shoot'em'up game. You will be able to use that knowledge to make your own game ideas come to life! Making games can be hard, so you should already be familiar with programming in Vizzcode, at least up until Loops. You can always review previous tutorials and come back here later.

Then comes the Tappy Plane: Basic tutorial, where we will build on the foundations learned in the previous game tutorial and create a new game - Tappy Plane.
You will learn more about gameplay programming and organizing your program to create more complicated behaviors!

The Tic Tac Toe: Basic tutorial will take your gameplay programming skills to the next level by teaching you how to program the gameplay entirely on your own, without relying on the game engine. We will only use the Game Engine to display the images and play the audio.
It will be a great opportunity to learn a lot more about game programming logic and data transformation!

When you get comfortable with your new skills, the Shooting Gallery: Basic tutorial comes to show you an entirely different world: programming a custom object system! You will specify the object's data, animate objects, learn about an important interpolation equation and more!
In the end you will have the base of a Shooting Gallery game and the knowledge to expand it and create more complex games with custom objects.

At last, comes the final tutorial in this series: the Invaders: Advanced. You will learn how to program some more advanced elements in your games to take them to the next level.
In this tutorial, you will create enemy ships that shoot back, improve the player's movement, add parallax effects to the background, display the score with a custom font, implement advanced sound effects and more!