About Us

Vizzcode is being created and developed entirely by two brothers: Tiago and Daniel Zaidan.
Here is a photo of us in our hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The Zaidan Brothers

We were introduced to the amazing world of computers very early by our father. He instigated our curiosity to play with computers and use them to create programs. That is when we first learned how to code.

Tiago joined college to study Computer Science, while Daniel couldn't wait to learn more about programming and started developing games. With what Tiago was learning in college and Dan on the internet, we teamed up and launched our game development studio! Being one of the best students there, Tiago was Teacher's Assistant in several classes and helped tutoring students throughout the course. In the years we spent developing games we learned a lot about programming and running a business. After releasing games for major platforms like PS4, Steam and VR, we took what we learned and decided to explore different avenues.

We had such a synergy working together that we couldn't be separated after that, so even though Tiago was studying more about business (taking a post graduation level course in one of the best business schools in Brazil and teaching on them afterwards), and Daniel was getting deeper in the programming craft (learning about low level programming, game engines and compilers, all the while giving private classes on what he learned in the years of professional game development), we always shared dreams and plans. That was when we partnered up with a former professor of Tiago's and managed to raise an investment for a new startup. This startup was focused on helping students get internships. It was such a great experience, in which we learned not only the technical and business side of this new venture, but also the educational one. We focused a lot on preparing the students for the best internships they could get - and this gave us a whole new perspective on education.

When we left the startup, a cousin who owns a law firm came to us with a problem: some of his partners had to go through thousands of documents and manually tag, sort, organize and compile them. This process was not only a huge time sink but was also very prone to errors. We built several programs for them and realized how computers have the great potential to make everyone's life better - if only they could program them.

Why Vizzcode?

Everything we did up until this point was leading to a particular place: learning about computers from our father, programming games, teaching computer science, studying low level programming, giving private classes, having a startup on internship and education, realizing how programming can help a lot of people and make their lives easier. It became obvious to us at this point what we had to do.

On October of 2019 we set out to create Vizzcode: a programming environment focused on teaching people how to program and helping them improve and get really good at it. Vizzcode is the first programming language that combines in real time visual programming and text coding. Beginners can have the easiest entry on the programming world with the Visual Nodes and then seamlessly transition to the way professional developers work - with Text Code. Vizzcode also has a heavy emphasis on embedded tutorials and a complete and easy-to-follow documentation - something we learned when teaching programming that makes a world of difference. Vizzcode is not only for people who want to program professionally but also to help everyone develop their logic-based thinking and problem-solving skills - we learned from helping students get internships that everyone benefits from those skills, no matter their fields.

And now (on April 2020), we are releasing Vizzcode. We worked (and are working) very hard on it and we're excited to be able to share it with you. We hope Vizzcode can make a positive impact on your life and that we can continually improve it, making programming easier and more fun; helping more and more people improve their lives by learning how to program. :)

     - Tiago and Daniel Zaidan