Use Visual and Textual coding to learn programming in the best way possible

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What is Vizzcode

Vizzcode is a development environment designed to help you learn and improve your programming skills.
You will use the first programming language that allows you to program interchangeably with Visual and Text-based coding in real time!

Vizzcode makes programming easier and guides you in your learning journey from the very basics to big and complex projects.

  • Program with Visual nodes and Text code interchangeably.
  • Learn from several sources: tutorials, guides, videos, documents, examples, exercises and more.
  • Create everything from simple "Hello, World!" programs all the way to amazing video games. All that with the most student-friendly programming language.
  • Share your creations with the world! The programs you code in Vizzcode are real programs! Share, publish, distribute and even sell them however you want! Your users won't get the source code nor will they need Vizzcode to run it.

Vizzcode was created for absolute beginners as well as programmers that want to get to the next level. You will program in a unique way: with both Visual Nodes and Text code. This way it will be easy to get started and yet you will still have the power to create complex software by learning the way professional software developers program!

Your best tool to learn programming

Vizzcode's main interface - Create Nodes and type text to create programs

Embedded Tutorials

Follow tutorials for all skill levels right inside the platform! You can ask for help any time and you will be directed to the documentation with more information.

Complete Documentation

Vizzcode's Documentation has all you need to learn programming: no matter your skill level! From guides to API references, it's all in there!

Video Tutorials

We also have several videos to help you create awesome programs! You can learn step by step following the videos and also suggest new programs to be created on video.

Discord and more!

Our Discord Server is also there for you to meet and talk with other developers. An entire ecosystem to help you program! You can use Vizzcode's Discord and other social media channels to interact with us and ask for specific help in case you need it.

Learn how to program with Text Code and Visual Nodes

Vizzcode offers a unique way to make programming easier: combine visual and text programming in a programming environment created to teach you how to code.

In Vizzcode, it's super easy to get started: you see the text code being generated as you connect the visual nodes. There is no leap from visual programming to text-based programming - everything you can do with one you can also do with the other.

With all the learning resources at your disposal, you will quickly develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. Then, you can use the libraries available inside Vizzcode to create advanced programs - including video games!

Give life to your imagination

Most programming tools focused on learning stop at the basics. Not in Vizzcode! With Vizzcode, you will seamlessly migrate to coding the way professionals do and create incredible programs along the way.

With Vizzcode, you are only limited by your imagination. You can use the libraries to create all kinds of cool programs, not limited by what the platform allows you to build.

You will learn a real programming language that creates actual machine code. This means you can program big and robust programs, like professional-quality videos games!

You can also use Vizzcode to learn, visualize and practice computer science concepts like algorithms and data structures. You can solve any programming exercise inside Vizzcode from the most basic introduction program to the most advanced Programming Marathon program.

Sharing your programs with the world

In Vizzcode, you code real programs. You will learn how to generate executables files you can distribute to the world.

When you compile your code, you will create a real binary file (just like the professional developers). This file can be executed by anyone - they don't need to own Vizzcode, install additional programs nor have the source code.

The programs you code inside Vizzcode can be distributed, published and even sold - however you want. You will not be limited by the platform - only by your imagination.

Easy to get started

Vizzcode was designed to accompany you in your entire programming journey: from the very beginnings of learning of what programming is and coding your first program - all the way to aid you develop your own advanced programs - with Visual Nodes and Text Code all at once. You will learn beginner-friendly tools as well as professional-quality ones. The unique way you program in Vizzcode will make your transition from one to the other seamlessly!


You can get started for free or you can go to the next level and purchase the Premium Version.

It's a one-time payment and Vizzcode is YOURS! No monthy payments or subscriptions.


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  • Program with Visual Nodes and Text Code interchangeably
  • Learn from embedded tutorials right inside the platform
  • Access the complete documentation full of hints and tips
  • Solve dozens of exercises for all skill levels
  • Watch videos and learn from other developers in our community
  • Your projects will be limited in size
  • You won't be able to generate executables files for your programs to share and publish them

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about something? Check out these answers!

  • Like all professional-quality programming tools, Vizzcode is a desktop program. It will only run on your desktop or laptop computers. This is because even though it was made to teach beginners the very basics, it was also designed to handle the needs of intermediate and advanced-level programmers!

  • To run Vizzcode, you need a Windows 10 64-bit computer. That's about it. If you want a smoother experience, we also recommend having a video card and a quad-core processor with at least 2.7 GHz.

  • Vizzcode is a complete development platform so you are not limited in what you build. The tutorials will guide you from the very basics of 'what is Programming' and 'how to build your first program' and gradually teach you new concepts. You will learn all the fundamental programming features (variables, expressions, conditions, if statements, while and for loops, program control flow, arrays, procedures (parameters and returns). These features are the building blocks to create arbitrarily complex programs. The programming exercises will guide you in solving programs that involve reading lots of data, processing it according to a specification and displaying it. There is also tons of references and tutorials on video game programming. You will learn important concepts (such as game loops, input handling, world simulation and rendering) and how you can program it all using the tool you learned. These videos games are examples of complex software you can build using Vizzcode. Then, you can use all that knowledge to try and build whatever program you come up with. And because Vizzcode focuses on the fundamentals of game programming (and programming in general), you will be able to migrate this solid base of knowlegde to any commercial engine you wish to use.

  • Because our most important goal is to make learning programming the easiest it can be, we created our own programming language. It combines elements from well-known professional programming languages like Python, C/C++, Javascript and Pascal. This means everything you learn with Vizzcode can be easily migrated into whatever programming language you want to learn next. The Visual aspect of Vizzcode helps you focus on the program-solving and logic-thinking skills and the Text Code language helps you learn text-based programming very easily and then migrate to another programming language later, if you want to.

  • Vizzcode comes with a library called Game Engine. It has all the tools you need to learn the fundamentals of game development and put that in practice. You can create 2D games like shooters, endless games, puzzle games, arcade games and more. The library gives you a way to get user input, draw to the screen, play audio as well as simulate a 2D world with particles, objects and simple collision. Because Vizzcode is a complete development environment, you can build additional systems for your game. There are tutorials that show you how to do this (like creating a custom object system or animating sprites with code). Unlike most Game Engines out there, Vizzcode is focused on teaching you how to program, so our game development content was carefully created to make sure you not only create something incredible, but also understand the logic behind everything you are creating. This knowlegde of the fundamentals can then be applied to any other game engine you wish to use. And lastly, the Premium Version of Vizzcode generates a real executable file. This means you can publish and distribute your game on the greatest stores like Steam, Epic Games Store and Of course, you can also share your game with friends or post it on your website - however you want!